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Welcome to HALAL!

We work in order to increase the number of Halal products made in Japan! Our goal is to spread reliable Halal products that are at low cost. Please feel free to contact us!

About Company

“Halal” is to be health conscious!

Teaching of Halal is to prevent letting bad things absorb into human body. Halal foods are basically healthy foods

Anyone can enjoy Halal

“Halal” is teaching of Islam, however, not only Muslims but anyone can enjoy it as well. Halal foods are foods that excludes anything that is toxic to the body. Please try them by all means!

JMA is your company’s coordinator!

JMA will be your company’s Halal coordinator! You can ask us about anything such as Halal, Islam, Muslim, inbound etc.

We give special consultation for certification specially to restaurants conducting Muslim Friendly and Halal Menus. Customers concerned about certification please contact us !

Our Partner

Masjid Finder

  • You can search for Masjid or prayer rooms in Japan.
  • Those of tourism in inbound
  • Muslims living in Japan
  • Japanese people or anyone who is interested in other religions
  • Please contact JMA for more information
  • You can also search for Halal restaurants in Japan by HALAL GOURMET JAPAN
  • Both the Muslims and non-Muslims, please enjoy healthy Halal food.

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