We will be accepting your sales consultation, sales channel consultation, marketing consultation of products if you request JMA for your products / menus.
JMA will work with client companies and owners to expand sales channels and improve sales so that the certified products will reach to many people.
We will be considering your company's “Halal” from various perspectives. Please let us know if you are interested. (Limited to certified products)

About overseas certification

If you are planning to expand overseas, you can obtain overseas certification. After listening to the needs and circumstances of your company, we will discuss about possibilities of your company’s advantages and merits.

Social media publication in Japan and overseas countries

Introduction at events such as tasting sessions

Consultation on Halal and Muslim

  • How to start a halal product
  • How to start a halal restaurant or menu
  • To sell Halal products
  • To take the process of Shahada (to become a Muslim)
  • Other consultations etc.