12   Mar   2019

Pizzeria Santa Fe obtained Halal certification 2019

Pizzeria Santa Fe obtained Halal certification 2019


36 menus from "Pizzalia Santa Fe" located at Ueno Taitou-ku, has acquired Halal certification under JMA's investigation!

Adachi Chef got interested in Halal, and started Halal menus by self-study. Thanks to that, lots of menus were able to get Halal certification.

As stated in the restaurant's name, it mainly serves Pizza - but apart from that, salad, pasta, set menus and more are attractive as well. There is also an accommodation in the same building targeted towards young tourists (Hostel Waq Waq), and you can have a stay there with low price.

Under JMA's supervision, Prayer room has been set up and Mr. Ichiro Sugimoto (Chief Director of Chiba Islamic Cultural Center) has filled the room with the Azaan.

JMA hopes that many people get to know about Halal, and we give free Halal certification to restaurants who seriously deal with Halal. Pizzalia Santa Fe has acquired Halal certification under our Halal Promote activity as well.

Muslims and non-Muslims, both can enjoy Italian meal at Pizzalia Santa Fe. Please have a try! It's extremely comfortable as well!

Have a pleasant time with people from various countries and hearth-baked pizza!

Lastly, we thank Mr. Sugimoto for the sake of Halal certificate acquisition.

Thank you, Mr. Adachi, the chef of the Santa Fe!


Pizzalia Santa Fe 

2-20-2, Kita Ueno, Taitou-ku, Tokyo

Contact link: 


Hostel Waqwaq:  https://www.facebook.com/hostelwaqwaq/




マルゲリータピザ              Margherita pizza

ピッザメキシカーナ           Pizza mexicana

チリビーンズ       Chilli beans

ピザトッピング    Pizza toppings

函館産鮮魚の塩釜丸揚げ    Salt-fried fresh fish from Hakodate

北海道産ホッキ貝きのこバター焼き              Hokkaido hockey shell mushrooms with butter

まるごとカラマリフリット              Calamari fritti

ポルチーニ茸のモンタナ―ラピザ    Montanara pizza with porcini mushroom

クワトロフォルマッジ       Quattro Formajji

アボガドディップ              Avocado dip

アボガドとイカの塩辛のピザ           Pizza with avocado and salted squid

かぼちゃとモッツアレラチーズのグラタン    Gratin with pumpkin and mozzarella

季節野菜のバアニャカウダ              Seasonal vegetables bañakauda

ハラル認証オーストラリア産リブロースステーキ       Halal certified Australian Ribulose steak

ブラジリアン ツナ&コーンピザ     Brazillian tuna&cone pizza

北海道タコのフリット       Fritto of Hokkaido octopus

マルゲリータDOC             Margherita DOC

マリナーラピザ    Marinara Pizza

自家製ティラミス              Home-made tiramisu

ジェノベーゼピザ              Genovese pizza

フライドポテト    French fries

エビとブロッコリーのアヒージョ    Shrimp and broccoli Ahyejo

彩り野菜シーザーサラダ    Caesar salad of colourful vegetables

季節野菜の石窯グリルアンチョビソース       Seasonal vegetables with anchovy sauce grilled in stone oven

オリーブ盛り合わせ           Assorted olive

カプレーゼ           Caprese

季節の自家製ピクルス       Seasonal homemade pickles

フォカッチャ       Focaccia

アボガドゴロゴロサラダ    Chunky avocado Salad

トマトツナサラダ              Tomato tuna salad

丸ごとチキンフリット       Whole chicken fritto

カルツォーネピザ              Calzone pizza

チリビーンズポテト           Chilli Beans potato

タラコとジャガイモの北海道ピザ    Hokkaido Pizza with cod roe and potatoes

サルモーネピザ    Salmone pizza

ピザ生地              Pizza dough

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