28   Nov   2018

JMO Japan Memon Organizers Meeting at Yokohama on 30th Nov 2018

JMO Japan Memon Organizers Meeting at Yokohama on 30th Nov 2018


JMO - Japan Memon Organization, Executive Committee Meeting held on November 30th, 2018

The Japan Memon Organization was formed by consensus of the participants in the meeting of the Memon community of Japan on November 18, 2018. Instead of appointing officials like president and general secretary, a five-member organizing committee was formed for the organization, so that the spirit of service could be maintained apart from the greed for positions. These 5 people were selected for the management committee.

1. Saleem Sandha.

2. Abdul Wahid Godil.

3. Muhammad Anwar Memon

4. Altaf Ghaffar.

5. Amin Sajjan.

Saleem Sandha was appointed as the chief organizer as he deserves to run any organization. The organization's objectives and future strategy were also discussed at the meeting, but their details were handed over to the management committee.

The Steering Committee met on November 30th to discuss the aims and objectives of the Japan Memon Organization and how to achieve them. The meeting discussed these issues and made some decisions.


1. Prepare a list of all Memons in Japan, so that they can be invited to future general meetings.

2. Contact each other in case of a natural disaster or emergency and help each other when needed.

3. If anyone needs information or assistance with legal, social or business matters in Japan, members should cooperate with each other as best as they can.

Publication of member lists on the Internet (with each member's approval) to strengthen the social or business ties between Memons in Japan and the rest of the world.

Action plan:

1. Contacting and listing all Memons living in Japan.

2. WhatsApp group to communicate with each other.

3. Social media Interaction Facebook for members to connect with around the world.

4. Website to introduce Japan Memon Organization, its members and activities to the outside world.

The meeting identified those responsible for carrying out these tasks. It was also decided that all memons in Japan should be added to the list of members, but only those who agree to it should be included in the directory provided on social media and websites. Members who agree to join the directory should open only the information they allow.

It was also agreed to take decisions in the light of members' recommendations for future action.

Note: All Memon brothers who read this post are requested to write their name and phone number etc. in the comments to compile the list, or send it to Inbox.

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