How to make things Halal

There is a need to exclude the Haram item or to make the replacement of it. It is not hard if the number of replacements is few.

Restaurant … menu, kitchen, equipment

Factory…materials, manufacturing equipment, manufacturing process
We will suggest you the way to spend as less money as possible by various means. Also, if you cannot completely eliminate it, we will find an alternative and suggest it to you.
Even for the facility environment, we will propose to you the possible approaches that could be made.

What is Halal

What is permitted in the Islamic law (Sharia Law) is called Halal. It applies to everything from food to everyday lives such as salary.

Islam is to obey the teachings of God (Allah), so eating something that is not Halal, even if it’s not by your own will, it would result in not obeying God, which means that you are committing a sin. Halal is very important in life and it is the root of Muslims (followers of Islam).

For example, looking at pork in the dish will not be halal. Having your food cooked with pork already makes it haram (illegal). Also, even if you do not have pork in the meal, cooking the food with kitchenware that was in contact with pork will turn what was Halal into Haram. Touching ingredients inside Halal foods with the hand that has been in contact with pork will make the ingredient Haram as well.

Beef and chicken are halal, but if they are not slaughtered in a way that makes all of the blood to let out from the body, they won’t be Halal (as blood has the danger of causing sickness). Even if you do not drink alcohol, if it is inside a food, it will be Haram. Alcohol would evaporate, but the act of putting alcohol itself will be Haram.

The Quran teaches that pork and alcohol are harmful to the human body. Muslims do not regard Halal as a religion, but instead think of it as teachings for safety to human beings.

It is not to add, but to exclude what is harmful or unnecessary to the body.

Apart from foods

  • Transportation method
  • Storage method
  • Kitchen equipment
  • Monetary circulation
Should be Halal as well.

What is Haram

Things that we should avoid to eat or use, since it will have adverse effects on the human body, according to the Islamic Sharia law.

Non-halal (Haram things)

  • Alcohol
  • Pig • Pig derivatives • Pig-derived ingredients
  • Animal-derived ingredients (because it may be mixed with pigs)
  • Boar • Dog • Snake • Monkey
  • Animals with nails and fangs ( lion, tiger, bear etc.)
  • Birds that hunts prey with nails ( eagle vulture owl etc.)
  • Pests such as rats, centipedes and scorpions
  • Commonly annoyed things such as lice, flies, and maggots
  • Creatures inhabiting both land and water ( frogs, crocodiles etc.)
  • All toxic and dangerous creatures
  • Cattle and chickens that are not slaughtered with Islamic law.
  • Mule • Donkey • Zebra
  • Blood

About Muslim Friendly Restaurants

“Muslim-friendly” is known for not acquiring Halal certificate but putting effort into Halal. We work to offer Free Halal Certification to those Muslim-friendly restaurants because Muslims often avoid eating at places without Halal certification since it’s considered Shubha (to doubt).

  • Membership, Transportation, Accommodation & Inspector Cost (if required) will be charged.